Monday, December 28, 2009

My "Best of 2009" music list

The end of 2009 is almost here, so its time to sum of the music year for my part and I have created a playlist on Spotify. The order is more or less chronologically from when I discovered them. Though some tracks might be older than 2009, but they are on the list as I haven't discovered them before this year. There are some odd ones, and they are on the list simply cause they were fun (and very catchy!) like Rybak and David Guetta. Not quite sure what mood you would be in if you listen to the whole list in one go, but they all got my approval! :)

  1. Thunderheist "Jerk it"
  2. Miss Harmonica "Friday Night"
  3. Kid Cudi "Day n Nite"
  4. Alexander Rybak "Fairytale"
  5. Dizzee Rascal "Bonkers"
  6. Peter Fox "Alles neu"
  7. Lily Allen "Smile"
  8. Maskinen "Alla som inta dansar"
  9. Kings of Convenience "Boat Behind"
  10. La Roux "In for the kill"
  11. Lars Vaular "Solbriller på"
  12. Veronica Maggio "Mandågsbarn"
  13. Jay-Z "D.O.A."
  14. Miike Snow "Animal"
  15. Prodigy "Omen"
  16. David Guetta "Sexy bitch"
  17. The Bloody Beetroots "Awesome"
  18. Kråkesølv "Privat regn"
  19. Bjørn Hellfuck "Krabbeklo"
  20. The Nextmen "Round of Applause"
  21. Einar Stray "Arrows"
  22. My Little Pony "A song for you on your 40th birthday"
  23. Therese Aune "Chamelon"
Enjoy my "Best of 2009" music
So what was my favourite?! I think most listened to album were by Lily Allen and Miike Snow. So now you know.

Free music
Thanks to
YesYesYall and Radio Nova's Bra Trommis for making me discover loads of great new music! Keep up the good work!

ps. Loads of Best of 2009 lists can be found at Platekompaniet's website

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Miss Harmonica is great!

Was at Doga yesterday in Oslo at Pecha Kucha. Last person on the stage was Miss Harmonica Great music! Escpecially love "Get dancy" Enjoy and have a great dancy weekend

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Monday, March 02, 2009

My very first (own) Wikipedia entry: Hyperstate!

Really bizzarre, but of some reason NO ONE has written about Norways biggest rave party Hyperstate on Wikipedia. So as the big philanthropist I am, ta ta!
Please help the article become better, and feel good about yourself too :)

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

New ways a promoting music: Piratebay!

Swedish group "Far och son" launch their single "panik" on Piratebay. And have a great video too:

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ren and Stimpy ad

This is the way all ads should be! have a brilliant weekend! (ps. its taken from the fantastic cartoon Ren and Stimpy)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm oh so cultural! Going to the opera: Moves

Went to the Opera, or sorry, Nationalballett, last friday. Was really good! Especially Jo Strømgren's Suite. Had loads of humour, jumping around the piano. You are still able to see it, but hurry! 29.3. is the last show

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