Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spelemannsprisen 2006

Congrats to Ila Auto for winning a Spelemannspris (Norwegian music awad) in the category COUNTRY with their new album "IF YOU KEEP PICKIN', IT MIGHT NEVER HEAL" (AUTO RECORDS)
My new favourite Hanne Hukkelberg won in "Åpen Klasse" (open category).

Shame Rockettothesky didnt win though as Newcomer of the year. 120 DAYS took that one. Oh well, cant win them all.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recycling ads

Here are some superboards I found 28.12.2006 at Aker Brygge, Oslo. The one on the left says:
"There's alot of good things coming out of recycling!" (ad for recycling)
with almost the same font Esso responds on the right side with:
Just makes you wonder where Esso takes their food from...

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gullfisken 2007

Da er Gullfisken igang ikveld. Er ikke helt overbevist om årets sølvfisker. Men jeg synes at Bates United har klart årets beste. Kort, konsis, relevant for produktet og like morsom ved hvert gjennsyn. Bra reklame mao! Håper Bates vinner.

April: «Berlitz språkskole». Annonsør: Berlitz språkskole. Byrå: Bates United

Les om de andre nominerte hos

Se Sølvfiskene på TV2


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Friday, January 19, 2007

Great artist: Hanne Hukkelberg

Just discovered the artist Hanne Hukkelberg through Andreas Palegolas who plays with Rockettothesky. He made this fantastic video for the song "Cheater's Armoury", see more of his stuff at: http://www.palegolas.se

Three of Hanne´s songs can be heard here:
"The Northwind" and "Cheater's Armoury" are so far my favourites. So get her albums "Little things" and "Rykestrasse 68"!

Some live stuff, mainly from music festival in Barcelona

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free shipping!

Some people might have noticed that I sell my own designed t-shirts here: http://www.portada.no/butikk

Well, as Valetine's Day is approaching I'm being nice and giving free shipping untill the 14.2.2007. The free shipping code is:


So nothing to keep you from shopping now!

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LEGO: Fra byggeklodser til bytes til byggeklodser

Really interesting article I found about my favourite toy, Lego. It's Danish though..


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Check your Google PageRank online

Easy way of finding out your Google Pagerank when you havent got the Googlebar installed. Google DC PageRank Rapport 1.0

0-1 Low ranking
2 Moderate ranking
3-4 Good ranking
5-6 Very good ranking
7-9 Top ranking
10 Almost impossible!

Or just use this one: http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php

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The art of conversation

Found a great article in the Economist about conversation. Here are the main rules:

"The rules we learn from Cicero are these: speak clearly; speak easily but not too much, especially when others want their turn; do not interrupt; be courteous; deal seriously with serious matters and gracefully with lighter ones; never criticise people behind their backs; stick to subjects of general interest; do not talk about yourself; and, above all, never lose your temper. Probably only two cardinal rules were lacking from Cicero's list: remember people's names, and be a good listener."

Read the whole article here: Economist: The art of conversation

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Radiobuffet 19.1.2007

Utover å være design og reklamemann, så er jeg radioprater. Så med Radiotjenesten starter vi året 2007 med direktesending med våre kjære kollegaer fra Skallebank. Direkte fra hjernebarken, dvs. Blindern. Band, konkurranser, debatt, porno, biler, sprit ++

Så velkommen, velkommen!

Last ned plakten..
(...jeg designet. Skriv den ut og gi den til din mor. Evt. bare skriv den ut og kom selv.)


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

SonyEricsson Fossil Bluetooth Watch MBW-100

How cool is this watch?! Sweet! :) And only 2290,- Norwegian Kroners.

Ah. Happy New Yr.
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