Friday, December 29, 2006

Rockettotheskys new song part 2

This video is still the new song "Hallelujah" but with Jennys electronic parrot. Hilarious!

Ah, and to sum it up: Its been a good year for Jenny: Album, concerts, heavy radio rotation (Radio Nova, P3), newspapers applauding (top 20 albums of 2006 by 40 Norwegian critics and proclaimed best pop album in Morgenbladet), more concerts and today I even saw her on TV2 "Sarahs fornemmelse av kultur"! Congrats Jenny with what I say is the best album of the year! Wish you and everyone who reads this a happy new year!
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Rockettotheskys new song

New song by Rockettothesky, recorded at the 3t 10th anniversary. Black Box Teater (Oslo) on Friday 15 Dec 2006. That was my girfriends first Rocket concert and she loved it. Well, and mine eh.. 4th Rocket concert? :) Looking forward to hear the studio version!


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