Friday, January 01, 2010

iPhone accessories: felt, rubber sleeves and backup batteries

I see that I slowly (?) become more and more an iPhone fan/geek. So wanting to have my new friend as long as possible (or just pimping it up?), I have scavaged the net for a small selection of my favourite sleeves. Me personal favourite is: Freiwild purple felt sleeve sold at PodCenter €15 (should arrive to my mailbox soon I hope! :)

Byrd and Bell grey felt sleeve $19

Red Maloo purple felt sleeve with orange band €29

Marware Sport Grip €15

Seidio Slim Rubberrized Hard Case $29.95

Griffin FlexGrip from $9 (3 colors)

E&B Company eNOVO W/ Clip for iPhone $39.95 (corporate leather style)

InCase Slim Sleeve $24.95

Mobi Products Clip Pouch for iPhone - "workers"sleeve $9.95

One thing that sucks is the battery capacity. Apparently this is the best one:
Review: Just Mobile Gum Pro Power Pack

Review of Backup battery: InCase Power Slider and JuicePack Air

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