Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Spam blurb!

Got this spam today. Thought it was some great writing, so enjoy the "poem"!

"The imagination! Shut your eyes, if you miss amory signor benton, then you would implicate yourself, they had acute pains, they scarified the part gawaine, it beseemeth evil a good knight to despise .,'. I , i. C of i i i j i i she had put her counters very kind of you. You speak of danger. you have creature, half seal, half fish, to look at, with almost as easily recognized, and as limited in the left barrel. He turned round once, and then water. They were all good swimmers. When the river then in an immense basin with leaden waters as willing to accompany me, pedro? I asked in spanish. Well, if my work had been given to the public this happened repeatedly, amasis said to his wife, writes wonderful for a woman. Seth had drawn the."

Nuff said.

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