Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unlock several files at once - osx

This fantastic application, LockMeBaby, does what osx should be doing on its it: namly being able to unlock several files, folders and subfolders in one go! It even works on external harddisks.

I sent the company an email with some questions and rapidly got a reply:

Here's how to lock/unlock files on external drives by LockMeBaby:
1) Uncheck "Run in safe mode" in the preference panel.
2) Select "/ (Root)" from the popup as browser's root directory.
3) In the leftmost column, you'll find a directory "Volumes". Your
external drives should be listed under "Volumes" directory.

Hope this helps and please be careful when you turn off "Safe mode" as
many system-related files appear in LockMeBaby's browser.

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