Monday, May 04, 2009

SkypeIn and SkypeOut on my w810i using Midp/Java

As I still live in the darkages of mobiles with my w810i, I envy all iPhone users with their great selection of apps from Apples AppStore. For example having Skype (except for T-mobile users who are banned from using it...) and Windows Live Messenger on your phone. So when I found Skype having a Java programme, I was well happy! It looks great (as opposed to most Java/Midp apps...), but happiness was short lived! I figured out I can ONLY chat to other Skype users with it from my mobile (or cell phone if you like). Pretty much useless then.

Previously I have mentioned EQO mobile, which works quite well for IP ringing. But IM+ for Skype seems much better! Not only can I phone Skype users and use SkypeOut, but I can also receice Skype calls. Fantastic! Would just love if they could upgrade the Java (Midp 2.0) layout, cause thats not really fancy...

7 days trial, or get the whole for 10 US bucks. Its a deal!

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