Sunday, December 02, 2007

PowerPoint Tip: AutoFit (automatically resize text)

AutoFit Text in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint AutoFit intentionally shrinks the size of text as large amounts are added to a slide. The top complaint about PowerPoint slide presentations is text that is too small. PowerPoint Design templates were originally created to force good design by setting font size automatically. The AutoFit feature defeats this purpose and actually encourages too much text on slides by shrinking it as you type, allowing people to use fonts too small to be seen.

To turn AutoFit off:


Choose Tools from the pull-down menu


AutoCorrect Options


Click the tab for AutoFormat As You Type


Uncheck the 2 options under the Apply as you type section:
AutoFit title text to placeholder
AutoFit body text to placeholder.


Click OK. The change applies to active and future PowerPoint presentations, old presentations are not affected.


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