Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pessimistic youth (MTV wellbeing study 2007)

Rather depressing reading about the "well-being" of today's youth from MTV research amongst 6000 youths. In Norway one third is not happy about their life's.. Their lonely and pessimistic the study says.

According to Madeleine Thor from MTV Networks, comments that the youth feel a pressure to get a job that can give "self-realisation". "A work that doenst give self-realisation is not interresting for the youth. It might seem that adults say that todays youth are lazy, but in fact it is because they arent interested in jobs that give self-realisation."

Ah, and the most "happy and optimistic" youths are found in Argentine. Norway is at the 11. place. Japan is rock-bottom.

Unge nordmenn føler seg ensomme


Mener pappas lønn er uoppnåelig

MTV Networks International Conducts Wellbeing Study 2007


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