Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter usage increases in Norway and how to get old mobile phones (ie. w810i) on Twitter

I have been on Twitter for a couple of months, but never really got the point. Probably also cause no one else in Norway got it either. I only had ONE friend/follower on Twitter. That was Tim. But over the last months, suddenly everyone seems to be on Twitter. And when the biggest Norwegian newspapers like VG and Dagbladet have journalist like my friend Snorre Bryne (Dagbladet) using it actively communicating with his readers and having Twitter streams in their articles AND Twingly, then you know its become mainstream in Norway too. The widespread popularity of the iPhone has increased the usage too.

Any-ways, having a blog I mixed that up with Twitter with TwitterFeed (its just really a feed from my blog to my twitter account) and then having the Twitter application in Facebook feeding from Twitter to my Facebook status field, suddenly I have created a little mashup and am so proud!

BUT, I dont own an iPhone, but obviously want to spam everyone with meaningless trivia from my daily life. So what to do? Tata!! I found the solution: Jitter. A tiny free Java application created by Abiro. It works on pretty much any phone supporting MIDlets. Such as my old w810i. Technology is wonderful! Hurrah!

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