Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Handy startpage: Netvibes

Have just discovered It's a site similar to Google's "Home" site, however being a Mac addicct, I prefer Netvibes layout and easy userinterface. Also I love the idea that one acctually doesn't have to log on to be able to use it. Registering is however useful, as Netvibes saves the settings and they won't get lost in case you delete your cookies. Also if you use multiple computers like me, you can easily get your personlised page on the other computer by logging in.

The RSS feeds are quite good too, being able to see Aftenposten, NYT, Spiegel and El Pais at the same time.

Only, I think they should get a smaller clock. The so called "mini-clock" is really not "mini". More like "major". Oh, well. Can't get'em all at once I suppose.. :)

Happy easter! (and if you happen to see Valentin today: congratulate him from me. It's his birthday! Hurra!)

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