Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can an old Mac without the Apple Remote use FrontRow?

The Remote Buddy application supports just about any remote hardware that is available for the Mac. Its kind of like a pimped up version of FrontRow. Here is the video showing all features. The site has a good overview over all possible hardware solution for enabling remote control over old Macs.

One altenative is the Keyspan Express Remote Control sold at Amazon for $46.24. (white image)

Or one can buy an original Apple Remote, around 20 Dollar, and then buy a IR receiver. This one is enabling the Apple Remote for every old Mac without IR with Twisted Melon's Manta TR1.

Broken Apple Remote for your Mac with IR and bought a new remote? If your Apple Remote has been locked to your Mac, it must be unlocked: Apple icon -> System Prefs - > Security -> And if it is connected to your Max: This Mac will only work with the connected remote. Click: Delte connection (not quite sure about the specific wording.. :)

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