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OMG - presentation - View on SlideShare
What is social media and how do smartphones affect them? What lies ahead for mobile marketing? Presentation held at the Norwegian Business School BI, sept. 2012.

WordCamp Norway - presentation - View on SlideShare - Watch on YouTube
Freelance toolbox (or: practical tips for budgeting and project management). How does a freelancer work? How can I best manage a project? Presentation held at the WordCamp Norway 2012, mar. 2012. (Let me know if you want it translated to English.)

Iladalen VI Borettslag - presentation - View on SlideShare - Watch on YouTube
How to spread content fra a Wordpres website to as many sources as possible? RSS! Presentation held at the Wordpress MeetUp Oslo, nov. 2011. (Let me know if you want it translated to English.)

Microsoft - presentation - View on SlideShare
Get simple tips on how you and your business ought to act on social media, such as blogs, Twitter, etc. Presentation held for Microsoft Norway's Marketing Community, dec. 2009. (Let me know if you want it translated to English.)

Windows 7 countdown gadget

Microsoft - gadget - Download on Gadget Gallery
The biggest Microsoft launch in years was Windows 7 the 22nd of October 2009. I thought people were anticipating this as much as us, so we created a countdown gadget for the launch. Inbetween our regular work I designed it, while colleague Kim E. Blichfeldt Norbø programmed it in 5 days. Intially created only for Microsoft Norway's employees, but the result? Over 54.000 downloads without advertising costs. Only Twitter: @microsftalpha and @mswindows.

Microsoft - web | video -
Microsoft Norway’s biggest product launch in 2008. The result was the award show "Heroes Happen Here", with 1200 IT-Pros and developers being celebrated in Oslo. This is a video of one Heroes winner "IT technician of the Year". This event got alot of PR, with the highlight being Norways's public TV news, NRK Kveldsnytt, presenting "Geek of the Year"

Akademika poster

Akademika - design
Campaign material for the Norwegian bookchain Akademika. Get a blanket and paperback. It's "Pledd&Pocket".

radiotjenesten radio nova

Radiotjenesten - radio - Subscribe to my podcast. - Subscribe to Radiotjenesten podcast.
Every friday 12.30 on Radio Nova (FM 99,3), in the Oslo region that is, you can listen to Radiotjenesten. Or Radioservice if you like. It's a satirical newsshow. Serious fun - for those that pay attention, but still don't understand the world.

Africa Water advertising

Africa Water - advertising | web - Visit website.
Campaign created for Médicos del Mundo (International aid organisation) that focuses on the polluted water in Africa. The microsite won Silver in Latin America's biggest advertising festival, FIAP. "Africa Water - The water that thousands of africans use every day."

bultex advertising publicidad

Bultex - advertising
The new Bultex matress is made from a high-tech material. Image: It's a monitor screen with the mouse clicking on the "Sleep function" on the dropdown menu. "Imagine if all technology only was created for rest."

Bultex - advertising
The new Bultex matress is made from a high-tech material. This spot shows that even Macs have to sleep.. "Imagine if all technology only was created for rest."

Tienes Kas dog illustrations

Kas - illustrations
These are some of the illustrations I made for the Spanish soft drink Kas while working at ad agency The Farm in Madrid. It was for the campaign "Tienes Kas?" ("Have you got Kas?")

hag advertising

HÅG - advertising
HÅG's seating solutions are the result of their belief that people are not designed to sit still, but naturally tend towards movement and variation. It is: "the HÅG movement"!

ican spraycan design

ICAN - design
Packaging design for a range of aerosol paint (spraycans) with a message. It encourages people to use spraypaint in appropriate places. "I CAN spray wherever i want!"

Greenpeace advertising

Greenpeace - advertising
Global warming causes the North Artic ice cap to melt. The Arctic's wildlife is already feeling the painful impact of a shrinking habitat. The world is screaming for our help. It's time to start listening.

The Guardian D&AD awards

The Guardian - advertising - Download PDF.
Awarded 3. place in the D&AD student awards for "Writing: Republicanism" Brief - Envisage an upcoming referendum on the monarchy & write a broadsheet ad in a non-biased manner.

Linguaphone - advertising
Campaign promoting the learning of European languages to Britons. Each spot comes in a double-pack: first a spot in a foreign language without subtitles, then the same spot with subtitles. "Because life doesn't have subtitles."

CityZen magazine

CityZen - design | advertising
Launch campaign for a new magazine. The entire magazine is frozen in ice. You have to break the ice to read it.

Dissertation advertising awards

Dissertation - text - Download PDF or read it on Slideshare
Dissertation written for my BA (Hons) Visual Communication degree at Leeds College of Art & Design. It's about advertising awards. "To what extent are advertising agencies driven by the need to win advertising awards?"

Running..? - video
My very first shortfilm. It's 1 min long about a girl running... Sounds interesting, huh!?

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